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The best part about your service is
the ease for BFS (business for self)
clients. This certainly fit with my client. Service was fast,
easy for my client
- pure equity, good rate.
Kathy N., Mortgage Broker,
Axiom Global, White Rock BC

I've dealt with Capital direct with previous clients. No concerns at all. I would recommend them to friends and other brokers. I have found CD to be most responsive. They were able to assist my client and consolidate their payments. They get the job done with quick service.
Keith B., Mortgage Broker,
DLC Total Mortgage, West Vancouver, BC | August 16 2011

I was referred to Capital Direct by another broker. Great service, fast approval, and flexible lending for my client.
Matt A., Mortgage Broker,
Invis Inc, Quesnel, BC| August 8, 2011

No concerns. Capital Direct had a quick response and a fair rate for my client's situation. I would recommend Capital Direct to other brokers.
Kathryn G., Mortgage Broker,
Centum Capital Lending, Vancouver, BC| July 2011

My client had a low beacon and stated income, but high home equity, so we were looking for a deal based on that. The personal service from George was great. Fast response to the application.
Amber H., Mortgage Broker,
DLC Western Lending, Williams Lake, BC

Capital Direct funds in excess of $8,000,000 per month!

Who is Capital Direct Lending Corp?

Capital Direct is a private mortgage finance company. Our strength is our system, which enables Capital Direct the ability to fund mortgages in a quick and timely manner. Capital Direct is lending in excess of $8,000,000 every month to homeowners who are realizing the equity in their properties.

What Capital Direct can do for your broker business?

At Capital Direct Lending Corp we understand the importance of time. Rate quotes will be provided in under a 1 business day turnaround period. Once there is agreement between parties (Capital Direct, Broker and Client), Capital Direct Lending Corp can handle the rest, ordering appraisals, having the client in to sign and arranging lawyer appointments for closing. It's that easy - we'll even drop off your cheque personally. This will allow the Broker more time to concentrate on the next deal.

Mortgage Products Offered

Capital Direct offers primarily 1st and 2nd mortgages. Self employed individuals are a big sector of our market - we'll even do 3rd mortgages for your clients behind institutional mortgages. Capital Direct will also lend to both Corporate and International clients. Capital Direct preferred properties are the following: Single family dwelling, Condos (townhouse, low or high rise), recreational properties, multi-unit residential (student housing, rooming housing, duplex, triplex, ten units or more), farms, vacant land and more. Note Capital direct has no restrictions on the amount of acreages or LTV on vendor take back mortgages on rental properties.

Guidelines and Amounts

Mortgage Amounts: $10,000 to $1,000,000
Loan to Value Ratios: Capital Direct lends up to 79% LTV Ratio with lender fees included

Questions? Ask Your Local BDM

British Columbia: Greg Kakuno Ph: 604.329.6067 Fx: 604.430.3287 TF: 800.625.7747
Alberta: Donna Hunter Ph: 403.278.6200 Fx: 403.278.6296 TF: 800.959.9290
Ontario: Chris Jeffers
Ph: 647-456-1517 Fx: 905-279-4579 TF: 888-315-9398
Atlantic: Trevor Bowie Ph: 902.894.7700 Fx: 902.894.7736 TF: 866.830.7734

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