Season's Greetings

We would like to take this opportunity to say Happy Holidays
to you and your family from all of us at Capital Direct.

May 2018 bring you health and prosperity and may it be a year
that exceeds your expectations.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Making the Most of the Holidays

For many Canadians, Christmas and the holidays in December can be a special and magical time of the year. The holidays can also be hectic, with a schedule full of activities with family, friends and work. Here are a few quick tips to make the most of this enjoyable season.

Lean on Technology. Many families are located all over the map - literally. Some of you might have family just a few hours away by car, or you might have loved ones in an entirely different country, but the challenge of spending quality time together can be equal.

Set up time to Skype or Facetime with your family and friends. Make a plan of it and set aside time to have a video call while your kids are opening their holiday gifts. Just a few minutes can make the difference and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Get Creative. Sometimes getting everyone's schedule sorted out can be challenging. While it's ideal to celebrate holidays on their actual dates, consider arranging a time that is before or after the holiday celebration. The time spent together will transcend that actual date it occurred on.

Say it by Hand. Sometimes when you just can’t be together with long-distance loved ones, you can tap into the the power of a handmade gift or card to bring a smile to their face. Some great ideas include: hand-painted ornaments, framed artwork, a photo album of yearly highlights, and homemade cookies.

As families grow, the dynamics of special occasions like the holidays can change. Celebrating your love for each other and spending time together can take on many meaningful formats. Finding a solution that fits can become a tradition and help to form memories that will last forever.

Making the Most of the Holidays - quick tips for shopping

Here are a few quick tips to help reduce stress when shopping for gifts this Christmas.

Make a gift list.
Create a simple list showing who, what, and how much. Then stick to it.

Start now.
Eliminate the stressful mad dash scenario.

Research online.
You’ve got your list. You’ve got plenty of time. Now do some comparison shopping to maximize savings.

Above all, celebrate your loved ones, and you'll enjoy the whole experience a lot more.

What Our Customers Have To Say

When the bank said 'No'
Capital Direct said 'Yes'
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Pao M., Markham, ON

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