Kick Off to a
Great Summer!

June is the month to kick off summer! The weather is warmer. The kids will be off school. This is a month when many of us have planned some of our summer vacation time.

Summer also gives up some opportunities to save a little—opportunities that just don’t apply in the winter! Here are 3 tips for summer savings that can really add up.

Air conditioning
Be conservative when you use - and don’t use - your air conditioning. You don’t have to suffer through sweltering heat, just be more aware of when you actually need to turn it on. Turn your AC down, or even off if:

  • You’re leaving for the whole day, or the weekend
  • It’s going to be a cool night—open a few windows instead
The other consideration is to do some basic maintenance on your AC unit. Replace the air conditioner filters—this can increase the unit’s efficiency.

Cook outside
Your stove can create a lot of excess heat. Consider taking meals outside and plan to use the barbecue. Cooking outside can easily turn into a fun picnic for the family.

Hang it up!
Hang your clothes on the line to dry. Let the sun and warm summer breeze save you some on your energy bill! You'll be amazed at how fresh your clothes smell.

Time to Go Outside

This is the time of year that Canadians start spending more time outdoors—it is also a great time to start a fitness routine. Here are 3 quick tips to get outside and to get in shape.

Be accountable. Having a buddy helps you stay committed to a fitness routine. Maybe you have a hiking buddy and the two of you can make a standing commitment to meet for a hike once a week?

Get the right gear. It could be kayaking, hiking the local trails, or simply going for a walk, you’ll need the right gear. In the case of kayaking that’s obvious. For hiking or even going for a walk the top piece of gear is going to be your footwear.

Get the right gear. Be sure to hydrate. Stay well-hydrated throughout your activity. Even if you’re gone for just an hour—take a litre of water with you. Of course, take more as it fits the circumstances.

Whatever it might be that you like to get up to when the weather gets warmer, we hope you love and enjoy every moment.

Summer Penne Classic

Simple and easy pesto penne pasta—a classic light Italian pasta dish. Make it with just five ingredients and in under 15 minutes!

The ingredients you’ll need to make this easy pesto pasta:

  • Penne pasta (Tip: Any kind of pasta will work, but the penne shape traps so much delicious sauce inside.)
  • Basil pesto - store-bought pesto serves well—pick your favourite!
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Salt & pepper
Putting it all together:
  • Start with a large pot to boil the penne in—reserve a ¼ cup of the water
  • Transfer pasta into a large mixing bowl
  • Add pesto and reserved ¼ cup pasta water
  • Season with salt and pepper and toss well to coat
  • Stir in cherry tomatoes (you might cut them in halves)
  • Sprinkle liberally with parmesan cheese

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  7 3
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3   8
  5 2
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5 4  
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1   4
  3 6
7 1  

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