What Should I Choose?
Electric vs. Gas Mowers

It wasn’t that long ago you simply decided which brand of gas mower you wanted. Things have changed! We now have far superior battery technology and corded electric mowers that offer a viable alternative to gas mowers.

Let’s look at three types of mowers:

  • Gas mowers – require gasoline to run
  • Corded electric mowers – require a cord plugged into a power outlet to run
  • Battery powered electric mowers –
    require a charged battery to run
Use the table below as a quick comparison guide.

Mower Type Pros Cons
Corded Electric Mower
  • Low maintenance
  • Endless runtime
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to start
  • Requires a cord
  • Not great maneuverability
  • Not recommended for wet conditions
Battery Powered Mower
  • No gas required
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Very maneuverable
  • Expensive batteries require replacement after 2-3 years
  • Low runtime
  • Long charge time
  • Not recommended for wet conditions
Gas Mower
  • Lots of power
  • Long runtime
  • Durable
  • Standardized affordable fuel
  • High maintenance
  • More dangerous
  • Heavy
  • Can be hard to start

What to Consider When Evaluating Mowers

You will likely want a model with power to spare if you are regularly mowing long or thick grass. The power of gas mowers is usually measured in torque. The average torque of a walk behind-gas powered mower is between 4.50 and 8.75 ft-lbs.

Torque specifications for electric mowers are hard to find. As a rule of thumb, if the electric motor power is 1,000w, with an RPM of 2,800, the torque of a battery mower would be approximately 2.5lb-ft — about a third of the power of a typical gas mower.

Consider factors such as: Ease of use, Weight, and Maneuverability. Will a cord get in the way while mowing? Are you strong enough to push a heavy mower around? Can you wait a few hours while a battery charges in the middle of mowing your lawn?

In terms of runtime, a corded mower is the winner. As long as it is plugged into power, it can theoretically run forever! If you don’t want the hassle of a cord, then a gas mower is the next best thing. Battery mowers typically have a 30-60 minute run time.

Environmental Impact
Corded electric mowers are the most environmental and most cost-effective mower type. Gas mowers put out a lot of emissions – not really environmentally friendly.

Battery powered mowers put out zero emissions, but they do use power to charge the battery, and most batteries contain lithium. Lithium mining has a high environmental impact and old batteries need to be properly recycled.

Ongoing Costs
Gas models have a much higher ongoing cost than the other two choices.

Going back to the basics, you can always get a reel mower. They’re cheap, good for exercise and the environment, plus your neighbors will appreciate the sound of silence.

Which mower is best for you?
We hope this article helps to clarify some of the key differences between mowers.

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