Organize Like a Pro

We're all a little pressed for space. For most families, the kitchen is one place we spend a great deal of time. Here we've assembled a few great tips for organizing your kitchen.

Use tea cup hooks to hang your measuring cups and spoons on the inside of a cabinet door. Pick the cabinet closest to where you prepare food.

Use a Lazy Susan to easily access items like honey, sugar, oils, or spices. You won't have to dig to the back of the cupboard each time you're looking for something.

Use pegs mounted on the wall to hang things such as aprons, dish towels and pot holders. You can find units that also have a shelf on the top, which is a great place to store your cookbooks.

Use jars, containers and baskets to keep the pantry organized. If you're a real pro you can even go as far as labelling the items.

Use a tension rod under the sink to hang spray bottles and baskets to keep brushes and other cleaning supplies organized.

Organize and arrange your kitchenware by the frequency of use. Everyday dishes should be on easy-to-reach shelves.

Group objects by purpose. For example, put all you bake ware in one central location.

Organizing rooms not only helps to maximize space,
       but it make using the space that much more
       enjoyable. For some very creative organizing
       tips, we've found this great Pinterest board
       for the DIY kitchen organizer:

Summer Smoothie

Summer is really just around the corner. For many Canadians, May is the month that we can break out the bar-b-cue for our first round of grilling. Here's a great smoothie recipe, ideal for grilling season.
All you need is:

  • One grilled peach.
  • 2 cups of frozen Greek yogurt.
  • 1/3 cup of almond milk (skim milk is fine too).
  • 2 tbsp. of honey.

How you do it:

  1. Wash, halve and pit the peaches. You might as well grill up a few peaches and keep them in the fridge. You can always use them in salads or with ice cream later.

  2. Skewer the half pieces and lightly
    sprinkle with brown sugar.

  3. Grill both sides on medium
    heat until they start to
    brown a bit around the

  4. Combine the ingredients
    in a blender and blend to smooth.

  5. For extra pizzazz you can
    garnish with a sliver of grilled peach.

The Simplicity of One Payment

Dean H. of Sicamous, BC was looking into consolidating credit card debt.
“It is new territory for us as we usually deal with the banks,” says Dean.
For them the biggest unknown was the cost of consolidating
debt by refinancing their mortgage.

Dean goes on to comment, “Our mortgage consultant was very
helpful and now we have one payment that fits our budget needs
and that is a big reason for asking for the mortgage.”

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May Sudoku

  8 3
1 4  
9 6 4
8 6 2
  4 9
1 2  

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