Health & Happiness in 2015

A small amount of physical exercise can make an enormous impact on the way you feel. Even 20 minutes of light exercise each day can benefit your overall health. When you introduce exercise into you daily life, you will have more energy and vitality and you'll be able to enjoy more.

We're well into 2015, and this is the perfect time to make a commitment to improving your health. You can start with going for a 20-minute walk with the dog or a friend. It doesn't have to be a major commitment, such as purchasing a gym membership.

The important part is to get started. It doesn't matter if it's choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, or a getting out to the gym - getting started is the key!

Tips to Save More

Here are 3 tips for saving money around the home.

  Lights out.
Turn off lights when they aren't needed - not just when you're not in a room, but also when there is enough natural light that they don't need to be on. Another good tip is to use a timer for lights such as porch lights - when you only need them on for a portion of the day.
  Keep it cool.
If you're walking around your house in February like it's summer, then you're spending too much money on heating. Turn down the thermostat and layer up with the clothing. The savings can be huge!
  Wipe up the savings.
Try using a sponge or rag to wipe up the day-to-day spills. They are re-usable and it can save quite a bit of money. Paper towel is convenient - maybe too convenient - and it's easy in a family household to use a lot of it if everyone reaches for it every time there's a spill on the counter.

It's easy to think we'll save money by making a dramatic cut in our spending or a change to our lifestyle, but the truth is that the small things really add up. Small, incremental changes to how we spend our money will have a tremendous long-term impact.

Try this experiment. Choose an area where you can make a small adjustment. Then track it over a few months. This can be eye-opening and very motivating.

A Fresh Start

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