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Each of us is responsible for doing our part to improve the world that sustains us. One way we can help is by reducing the environmental impact of our households.

Use our Eco-Footprint Calculator to estimate your home's carbon footprint and then learn how you can improve upon that with energy saving upgrades for your home. By reducing your home's carbon footprint you will be improving the environment while saving money and increasing the value of your home.

Answer the question's below to
learn your home's estimated footprint.

How many people live in your home?
How do you heat your home?
What is your average monthly gas bill?
What is your average monthly electric bill?
What is your average monthly oil bill?
By turning down your thermostat at night, using 25-Watt ENERGY STAR lights or replacing your furnace with an ENERGY START model you can reduce your household's footprint and save money on your energy bill each month.

Reduce your household's footprint with these energy saving upgrades:

Most recommendations suggest your set your thermostat to 15 - 18 degrees C during the night or when you're away from you home.
Turn down your thermostat
by degrees C on winter nights?
While at home an efficient thermostat setting for your air conditioner is 23 degrees C.
Turn up your air conditioner by degrees C?
ENERGY STAR lighting, or compact fluorescent light bulbs, use only one quarter of the energy of standard incandescent bulbs.
Replace a number of lights
with 25-Watt ENERGY STAR lights?
In most households the refrigerator is the biggest energy-consuming kitchen appliance. The average ENERGY STAR qualified model requires about 50% less energy to operate than the standard model made before 1993.
Replace your refrigerator with an ENERGY STAR model?
ENERGY STAR furnaces use up to 40% less natural gas than older models and qualify for $300 - 500 in rebates under the Federal ecoENERGY program.
Replace your furnace with an ENERGY STAR model?
Upgrading your windows not only helps to keep your home comfortable all year round it reduces your energy costs by up to 12 percent.
Replace your windows with ENERGY STAR windows?


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