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Our mission is to help Canadians use the equity in their homes to finance dreams and drive long-term prosperity.

About Capital Direct Lending

Capital Direct specializes in home equity and residential mortgage financing for individuals in a variety of credit situations. Founded in 1997, the company now has offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto Charlottetown, Moncton and Halifax, and has become one of the fastest growing, non-traditional private lending companies in Canada.

Lending Institutions

Capital Direct Lending Corp. (capital direct.ca) lends directly to homeowners for equity loans. In fact, we lend out millions of our own funds every month. And we work with banks, trusts, and other lending sources to draw from a wide range of products to help individuals in purchase transactions obtain the best possible mortgage solution. It's lending for the rest of us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Canadians use the equity in their homes to finance dreams and drive long-term prosperity.

Over the years, the value of Canadian real estate has appreciated significantly. Canadian homeowner have increased their net worth simply by owning a principle residence and paying down their mortgage. However with rising inflation, it is sometime difficult to live outside the box and realize other financial goals.

A home equity loan enables Canadians to turn that appreciation into cash and use the money to consolidate high-interest debt, buy a business or property, make home renovations to increase value, pay for education or medical expenses, or simply put money away for a rainy day!

The Capital Direct Difference

Capital Direct Lending Corp. (capital direct.ca) bases approvals primarily on the equity value of the home, rather than on credit worthiness. Owning a home and paying down a mortgage shows financial responsibility and we recognize this. We take a different approach. Capital Direct truly is mortgages for the rest of us!

Service Guarantee

We know what a huge decision applying for a home equity loan or mortgage can be, so we strive to make the process as simple as possible by providing pristine, peerless customer service. We keep our clients informed every step of the way, explaining even the finest details in plain language.

Our home equity lenders and mortgage brokers are certified members of AMP, CAAMP, MBABC & RECA; and come from a banking background, so we are well versed in the strict lending policies of the big 5 banks in Canada. We want to make a difference and in fact take great pride in knowing that, over the years, we have helped thousands of Canadians get on the road to a better life!

For a free no-obligation consultation, please contact the Capital Direct (capital direct.ca) office nearest you!