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Over the years, Capital Direct Lending has helped clients across Alberta to realize their dreams.

But don't take our word for it.
Here is what just a few of our clients have to say about our award-winning service:

Wingkie S., Calgary, AB | July 13, 2021


"Macy was great to work with. Very accommodating and easy to work with."

Patricia L., Calgary, AB | April 1, 2020


"I would recommend it highly because of the wonderful service I received! The mortgage associate I dealt with was respectful, informative and professional."

John M., Okotoks, AB | September 4, 2019

"Better than working with the bank. "

Natalie B., Calgary, AB | June 18, 2019


"I liked how Kenzie clearly explained all aspects of the mortgage to us. I would recommend anyone looking for a mortgage or to consolidate debt to talk to a Capital Direct consultant. We have an easier payment schedule that fits our budget. Capital Direct made it an easy and enjoyable process. They also educated us on how our financing would work."

Marcia W., Calgary, AB | February 25, 2019

"Keep up the excellent customer service!"

Henry L., Calgary, AB | February 14, 2019


"Thank you for going the extra mile! Kenzie has shown great understanding of my circumstances and she has shown great care with my file from the start."

Jacquie B., Calgary, AB | January 30, 2019


"Kenzie was very nice to work with. Would recommend because of easy access to our home equity and professional service. "

Manuela B., Calgary, AB | December 24, 2018


"Wonderful service and peace of mind. We consolidated debt and lowered our overall payment. "

Ronaldo J., Calgary, AB | December 24, 2018


"Excellent service. We are not worried about borrowing from anywhere anymore - we can concentrate on our regular routine finally. Me and my wife both clearly understand this decision and we are both happy as a result."

Sandra L., Edmonton, AB | February 27, 2018


"Irene was always very pleasant and helpful."

Camille B., Ponoka, AB | November 20, 2017

"We liked our consultant. We'd recommend Capital Direct because they are easy to deal with and have good customer service."

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Jordan H., Airdrie, AB | September 8, 2017


"It was an easy process - very detailed and informed. I had found the banks difficult to deal with, even with lots of equity. Now have cash flow to grow my business."

Nicole N., Calgary, AB | July 6, 2017


"We wanted to consolidate some debt and to have only one payment. Once the process was started, we were comfortable that choosing Capital Direct was the right decision. I would recommend Capital Direct."

Carrie A., Calgary, AB | June 19, 2017


"Being self employed, a bank typically won't work with me. Kenzie was very helpful. Overall, I found the experience to be enjoyable. Kenzie made the process quite simple, walked me through everything. I would recommend her to anyone, especially someone self employed like myself, that has a hard time with the traditional banks. "

Thomas C., Lethbridge, AB | May 31, 2017


"Easy. Payment fits my budget, and easier than going through the bank. "

Glenda P., Strathmore, AB | March 24, 2017


"The service by Kenzie was EXCEPTIONAL. No pressure, friendly, answered questions, and provided lots of detail throughout the process. Turn around time was very prompt from initial contact, information gathering, document signing, and funds received."

Mary P., Cochrane, AB | March 7, 2017


"Capital Direct was professional, kind, and quick. I got tired of trying to work with my bank being 'self employed' - it wasn't easy. With Capital Direct, I was able to get my finances in order with no hassle. My equity in my home worked for me. Thank you for your service. The bank would not help me because I am self employed, even though I have great equity in my home. "

Zane Y., Calgary, AB | December 15, 2016

"I would highly recommend Capital Direct for their amazing service. I've paid off my debts and am able to do some home renovations."

Gord M., Okotoks, AB | December 12, 2016

"Easy process, quick result. Have cash needed now until our home sale."

Camille B., Ponoka, AB | December 5, 2015

"Our mortgage consultant was very thorough in helping us with our financial needs. Easy to work with and good customer service. "

Donna B., Calgary, AB | June 27, 2016

"Very professional and respectful. The service is excellent. Kenzie was very informative and clear. She made everything easy to follow and understand. It was a very positive experience."

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Robert B., Calgary, AB | March 18, 2016

"We were blessed to have Kenzie as our consultant and professional. She made the whole process easier to deal with. Didn't have to deal with the stuffy bank. It was stress free and simple. Good alternative to traditional methods. "

Ingrid S., Calgary, AB | March 8, 2016

"Kenzie was great in explaining everything. I wanted to do some upkeep and the roof. Kenzie was very polite and made me feel comfortable."

Grace M, Didsbury, AB | March 1, 2016

"We were very pleased the way Kenzie handled our file and also that when Capital Direct said that only home equity as claimed in advertising, it was true. Other companies made the claim, approved the loan, and THEN wanted income statements, all our assets,etc to be listed as collateral. Thank you Capital Direct for your honest ads."

Teress M., Calgary, AB | February 5, 2016

"I was a very smooth process. Now we have cash flow / a safety net. Easy, local, and quick. Kenzie was always available to talk to, and on the rare occasion that I had to leave a message she was always prompt to respond. Kenzie communicates clearly. "

John A., Calgary, AB | December 15, 2015

"We own our home and it's nice to be able to receive the help when the banks do not, especially when you own your own company. Capital Direct was very clear about the amounts and options. The service was great and very professional. Organized, friendly, interested in helping. "

Janet A., Calgary, AB | December 7 2015

"I wanted to consolidate my high interest debts and go ahead with some home renovations. We now have cash flow for home improvements and we reduced monthly expenses by eliminating credit card payments. Excellent and prompt service. "

Alicia B., Okotoks, AB | November 24, 2015

"Very helpful - we now have cash flow for our business. Excellent service."

Warren V., Calgary, AB | November 13, 2015

"I liked working with my mortgage consultant. I'd recommend Capital Direct because of the informative mortgage planner and the great service. "

Raymond S., Sherwood Park, AB | May 22, 2015

"We liked our mortgage consultant - she was friendly, helpful, and professional. We received excellent service. "

Warren V., Calgary, AB | May 7, 2015

"My mortgage planner was very helpful and treated me like a person, not a number. Very knowledgeable. Helped consolidate all my debts into one payment, instead of many. Service and value was excellent. "

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Maria H., Calgary, AB | April 17, 2015

"Kenzie was great and we highly recommend her. We have extra cash flow to renovate some things in the house that need fixing. "

Donald W., Calgary, AB | April 9, 2015

"Kenzie was a pleasure to deal with. Process was very simple and easy. Great process - really helped us out!"

Pamela M., Calgary, AB | Feb 20, 2015

"Prompt and friendly service - and very professional. Kenzie was amazing to deal with - made us feel very comfortable right from start to finish. "

Wendy C., Redcliff, AB | Feb 18, 2015

"Very helpful people at Capital Direct. Kenzie explained everything so I understood it all. "

Dolores S., Calgary, AB | Feb 5, 2015

"We liked the mortgage consultant we worked with. She was helpful, so informative, and nice and pleasant. We appreciate the service you gave us, and would highly recommend you to friends and relations. Thanks so much - it was nice doing business with you. "

Melanie D., Didsbury, AB | Dec 16, 2014

"I spoke to a friend and got details about how they were helped by Capital Direct. Thank you for the courtesy and respect shown. I am pleased with the result. "

Martha A., Calgary, AB | Dec 1, 2014

"We have the funds to renovate our home which will increase its value substantially. I would recommend Capital Direct because our mortgage planner was very thorough and we were impressed by the independent legal advice that was part of the process. Our mortgage consultant, Kenzie, was excellent and explained everything to us very well, which eased our minds. "

Darryl A. Calgary, AB | Nov 25, 2014

"Very professional - know their stuff. Very patient. "

Gordon S., Calgary, AB | Oct 23, 2014

"Professional and easy process. From filling out the online app everything flowed smoothly and allowed me to access some equity. Takes a lot of stress off me."

Lyle M., Calgary, AB | Oct 15, 2014

"I wanted to combine my debts into one payment and do some home improvements. I now have a little extra money to do some home improvements. I would recommend Capital Direct to other people because of the professionalism of Kenzie, my mortgage planner. "

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Cherie D., Calgary, AB | Sept 19, 2014

"Kenzie is amazing. She was friendly, smart, and funny. She completely put me at ease, and I was a stressed out person! She was informative, helpful, and not judgemental. Big thank you to Kenzie. Stress free financing - who knew!"

James C., Calgary, AB | Sept 17, 2014 Review

"Kenzie had answers for all my questions. I amm now able to renovate my house. My experience with Kenzie was awesome - she was friendly and helpful."

Daniel B., Edmonton, AB | July 15, 2014

"Excellent service. Capital Direct was simple to deal with (not complicated like the banks)."

Carol W., Calgary, AB | May 21, 2014

"I wanted to lower my interest rate and free up funds to complete renos to sell my home. Everything was dealt with quickly and professionally. Keep up the great job. I recommend Capital Direct every chance I get."

Nina D., Calgary, AB | May 8, 2014

"Friendly service, quick turnaround. Everything well explained to us in detail. Thanks to everyone involved in our process. "

Reviewed by A.L., Edmonton, AB | May 8, 2014

"Thanks to Kenzie to make this experience with working with Capital Direct very stress free for me and fast. "

-Janice H., Calgary, AB | Feb 12, 2014

"We appreciate all the work from Irene, Christina, and the many other people that have contributed to finalizing this loan. Even though I know this is your business, we still appreciated the extra time and effort from both your wonderful representatives.I needed some cash flow while I continue to build my business. I didn't know what was involved in borrowing from your company , but after dealing with Irene, from my very first email, I was extremely impressed by her friendly approach and the extra time she took to send me a detailed email answering all my questions. She also took extra time to call me several times to make sure that I fully understood everything. I was very pleased and amazed."

Wayne B., Edmonton, AB | May 7, 2012

"A co-worker told me about Capital Direct. I wanted to simplify my money at a lower interest rate and free up some cash flow. My mortgage planner was very informative. Capital Direct should do more advertising."

Terri H., Coalhurst, AB | March 14, 2012

"Capital Direct was recommended to me by my mortgage broker. Cash flow was needed to finish renos on my home. I was extremely pleased with the service I received from Laura. She put me at ease right away. I'm now able to improve the quality and comfort of my home. Thank you so very much for everything you've done for me."

Gary K., Medicine Hat, AB | February 3, 2012

"Pleasant and professional service. Dealing with Capital Direct made the process easy and stress free. Laura was extremely helpful and knowledgeable."

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Wendi S., Calgary, AB | January 18, 2012

"Capital Direct was recommended by a friend. I was looking to consolidate existing debt and to bridge between investments maturing. Working with Capital Direct was a rapid and 'no pain' process. Thank you."

Tammy B., Calgary, AB | January 16, 2012

"I was looking for easy financial planning to assist me in using my home equity to purchase some land as an investment property. I had no concerns because of Laura's attention to detail. Capital Direct has efficient, friendly people who do their best to help you fuel your future. I'm now able to invest in the future for my family and generations to come."

Jeanne & Mark M., Calgary AB | December 2, 2011

"We were looking for less stress through better financial control. Thank you very much! Through excellent product knowledge, Laura was able to assist us with our challenges. Our mortgage planner was informative and professional - Laura has wonderful patience and superb product knowledge."

Darren & Crystal L., Grassland, AB | October 16, 2011

"I would recommend Capital Direct to other homeowners because of how informative and caring our broker was. We had few questions, everything was explained so well and in detail. I wish we had known about Capital Direct when we first bought our house."

Wayne B., Edmonton, AB | October 11, 2011

"I was looking for some funds to do some home renovations, and I was recommended to you by a friend. Your mortgage planner was informative and professional. I had no concerns, and I recommend Capital Direct to others."

Elliot S., Cochrane, Alberta | July 22, 2011

"We needed funds for a vehicle purchase. Our mortgage planner, Laura, was excellent about explaining the terms and helping. Having it left open was critical as I anticipate paying this off in one shot. 3 months interest penalty was reasonable for this. I'd recommend Capital Direct because our mortgage planner Laura was excellent. "

Steve G. & Ave B., Calgary, Alberta | April 15, 2011

"We wanted a lower interest rate to manage our money and free up cash flow. After speaking to other satisfied clients and it made us feel confident to put our trust in Capital Direct. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Thanks!"

Robert & Elaine R., Calgary, Alberta | April 15, 2011

"Cherie made it very easy - great service understanding staff. Now I've consolidated debt and have a lower monthly payment. Thanks for the peace of mind!"

Byron & Melanie F., Calgary, Alberta | April 12, 2011

"We wanted to re-finance and get rid of some outstanding debt. We had wonderful service and treatment."

Pat & Rhonda F., Calgary, Alberta | April 6, 2011

"I liked Cherie's attitude and advice from day one. Thank you, I own my home and with a payment that fits my budget."

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Frank & Darlene A., Edmonton, Alberta |March 18, 2011

"Cherie always went the "extra mile". Thanks to her help we now have the funds to complete our kitchen at our lake house and increase it's value."

Darren & Margo S., Airdrie, Alberta |March 10, 2011

"We wanted to consolidate our loans and debt, but we didn't know much about Capital Direct. Cherie took her time and explained everything. The experience was great!"

Gwen G., Langdon, Alberta | February 23, 2011

"The number 1 reason I would recommend you to family and friends is because of the service. The mortgage consultant explained everything and made me feel like a person, not a number like most banks do. Thank you Cherie!"

Ann B., Strathmore, Alberta | January 31, 2011

"Excellent mortgage consultant to work with! We now have the cash flow to grow our business. Thank you Cherie."

Tony & Tanjeet S., Calgary, Alberta | January 11, 2011

"We would recommend Capital Direct to anybody because our mortgage planner was very informative and professional. We didn't know what was involved in borrowing on a home equity loan, but now we have the cash flow to complete renos in our basement.."

Jon T., Calgary, Alberta | January 6, 2011

"I got the money fast! It was key that I get short-term money quickly and I wanted to work out a lower interest rate. Cherie was great to work with. Thanks for the help!."

Merie C., Calgary, Alberta | December 13, 2010

"Thank you, I now have much needed cash flow back, and I can do the renovations needed to put in a wheelchair ramp."

Kevin & Myrisa O., Innisfail, Alberta | December 10, 2010

"Our mortgage consultant explain everything clearly. We can now finish the basement and clear up some old debt. We'd definitely recommend Capital Direct!"

Christopher I., Calgary, Alberta | October 19, 2010

"Cherie was helpful and informative and answered all our questions about the paper work. We're glad to have the cash flow in this slow economy. "

Gwen G., Langdon, Alberta | September 9, 2010

"All I can say is that you made my life and dealing with the debt so much more easier. Cherie listened to me like a person and explained everything in the whole process. She does her job above and beyond the call of duty. I know I can depend on Capital Direct now and in the future."

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Jody H., Sherwood Park, Alberta | August 29, 2010

" I was better able to make a decision because my mortgage consultant freely shared her expertise in the lending industry. I've used my equity to benefit my over all life."

Dean & Corinne J., Camrose, Alberta | June 23, 2010

"Cherie, you came through for us! I would recommend Capital Direct to any business owner who's having trouble with traditional lenders."

Carol M., Calgary, Alberta | June 3, 2010

"I felt so relaxed and confident with the decision I made after I spoke to the Capital Direct consultant. I didn't know what was involved in a home equity loan, but everything was explained in detail. You were so helpful, thank you!"

Shannan S. & Kayla L., Calgary, Alberta | May 10, 2010

"My goal was to complete renos and consolidate bills. I loved the people I dealt with and it was fast and easy. I certainly recommend Capital Direct."

Mark D., Calgary, Alberta | May 4, 2010

"I had dealt with Capital Direct before so it was natural to go back when I wanted extra money to renovate my house and get it ready to sell. The banks were just so rigid with the rule about home equity loans. I now have the cash I need to increase the value of my home thanks to Cherie and Capital Direct."

Sharon B., Barons, Alberta | May 4, 2010

"I'd like to say that thanks to Cherie and Capital Direct, that I truly believe I can get my life back on track. I was very pleased with the efficiency and speed that Capital Direct provided. "

Paul O., Nacmine, Alberta | April 30, 2010

"We decide to contact Capital Direct because we wanted the funds to reno our home and consolidate some debt. The banks shut me down, but now I can make the reno and improve the value of my home! Good service, thanks! "

Beverly B., Black Diamond, Alberta | April 26, 2010

"We took out a smaller loan to start a fishing and day trip boating business on Vancouver Island. Cherie, the staff and the lawyers were super to work with. They covered all my concerns. Keep up the great work! "

Thomas L. & Marilyn O., Calgary, Alberta | April 20, 2010

"I was looking to consolidate my debt and build a basement suite. All the people we spoke with were very helpful and Cherie really seemed concerned about finding us best rate possible. We own our home with a mortgage payment that fits our budget. "

Lance B., Calgary, Alberta | April 20, 2010

"I was concerned about the interest rates and brokers fees but the loan has cleared up cash by creating one lower payment. I would recommend Capital Direct because of the personal treatment my mortgage consultant gave me - Cherie made me feel like I was her only client. "

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Leslie & Melanie F., Okotoks, Alberta | March 25, 2010

"We wanted to reduce high interest credit card debt and get our credit rating back on track. Cherie explained it in great detail, and we understood the process well. I would recommend Capital Direct to family and friends because of the staff and the speed at which our mortgage was processed. "

Sandra L., Calgary Alberta | March 9, 2010

"I wanted to consolidate my debts and have a monthly payment that fit my budget. The team was amazing and above and beyond. Truly a good experience from start to finish. I would recommend to others for sure. "

Tony M., Cherhill, Alberta | March 5, 2010

"At first we thought we would lose our house. Our mortgage consultant was so helpful and explained everything clearly. We want to thank Cherie from the bottom of our hearts. "

Anna J., Edmonton, Alberta | February 25, 2010

"I would recommend Capital Direct to anyone who is unable to qualify for traditional funding. I knew that there were other lenders out there eager for my business but I was looking for service and that is exactly what Cherie offered. She discussed my situation, put my mind at ease and offered my solutions I didn't know existed. Thanks! "

Linda D. & Douglas B., Lethbridge, Alberta | February 22, 2010

"We simply needed the money to fix up our condo. Our mortgage consultant was professional, and explain everything to us clearly. Thank you for every thing! "

Darrel & Eileen R., New Sarepta, Alberta | February 12, 2010

"Our mortgage consultant was much more helpful and eager than the banks were. Cherie was very friendly and made us feel comfortable. We now have lowered our monthly cash output by consolidating our payments into one lump sum. Thank you very much."

Edward P., Smoky Lake, Alberta | February 8, 2010

"I had some questions on what was involved, but our mortgage consultant was very, very helpful. We're able to pay off some bills and with a payment that fits our budget. I would recommend you because we received such excellent service."

Faye B., Calgary, Alberta | February 3, 2010

"Cherie did a great job finding me the best rates! Overall it was a stress free, professional, and friendly experience. I am very impressed and will recommend Cherie, and Capital Direct to others."

Laurie K., & Ian H., Strathmore, Alberta | November 27, 2009

"We wanted to finish renovations to our home, pay property taxes and take care of credit cards. Cherie was very informed and helped us learn how our mortgage could fit our budget. We would recommend Capita Direct because of the knowledgeable and courteous service. "

William & Arlene B., Calgary, Alberta | November 17, 2009

"We wanted additional funds to update the basement, reno the bathroom and new fixtures. We like the mortgage consultant and she explained what we needed to know. We would recommend you to anyone because of the service."

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Brian D. & Kathy P., High River, Alberta | October 9, 2009

"We were looking for the money to finish off the house and Capital Direct was there for us. The mortgage consultant treated us in a courteous manner and made borrowing the money easy. We got the project finished on time. Thanks."

Mark C., Calgary, Alberta | September 6, 2009

"I was looking to get away from the big banks and found Cherie who actually listened and did what I was looking for. Cherie explained everything and it was easy to set up, no 'Big Bank crap', for lack of a better term. The whole experience was easy and well thought out. Made what I wanted to do possible."

Michael & Eileen M., Edmonton, Alberta | August 24, 2009

"We needed a third mortgage and Capital Direct was there for us. Our consultant was most helpful and looked at our needs, and what we needed was to free up cash flow. We would recommend Capital Direct because of the feedback, the returned phone calls, the speed at which the transaction was completed and the fact that we were treated with respect. Thank you Cherie!"

Lynne D., Calgary, Alberta | August 17, 2009

"I was looking to lower my mortgage payment and at the same time pay off some debt. I talked to Sophia and explained my situation to her. She was absolutely wonderful and so easy to work with. The re-financing came through very fast which I appreciated. I would definitely recommend Sophia at Capital Direct. "

Audrey F., Morinville, Alberta | June 10, 2009

"I wanted to get a lower interest rate and free up cash flow to renovate my home and fix up my car. I'd dealt with the banks before but your mortgage consultant was very clear and helpful regarding the home equity loan. I recommend Capital Direct because Cherie was more than helpful and kept her commitments. I now have a mortgage payment that fits my budget. "

Joeseph & Shelly B., Aldersyde, Alberta | February 16, 2009

"What began as a visit to your website turned into a mortgage that fits our budget and now we are able to spend more time planning our new home and being with family. The biggest benefit for us was increasing our cash flow. Great service with smiles. Very informative. Thanks!"

Patti R., Edmonton, Alberta | July 19, 2008

"I am a present client and wanted to consolidate 1st and 2nd mortgages. The rate was good and I didn't have to go looking for someone on my own not knowing if I'd qualify for a mortgage on my own. Everything including my car is paid off and my payments are quite a bit less per month. Olivia was very helpful and friendly and made this a very easy process. I've already told one friend."

Martha S., Calgary, Alberta

"I wanted to put my debt in one place. I'm now paying less interest than what I was paying the credit cards. Thank you."

Maria B., Calgary, Alberta

"We realized that a home equity loan was the right solution for us. After some home renovations our home is looking absolutely beautiful. I would definitely recommend Capital Direct to anyone who wants to move forward in life and have a fresh start."

James & Lynette V., Sherwood Park, Alberta

"We would highly recommend Capital Direct because of the professional, personable service and it was relatively 'pain-free'. High potential payoff with reduced debt payments and allowed us to renovate our home. Thank you!"

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Doug J., Calgary, Alberta

"I wanted to purchase a vehicle, consolidate debts and cover expenses until the busy season resumed. Cherie explained everything very clearly. I will tell my friends and family about your services."

Tammy S., Blackfalds, Alberta

"Another broker recommended Capital Direct to me. I was looking to buy a motorcycle but ended up buying a trailer for the family to go camping. I would recommend Capital Direct because everything was explained clearly before I signed the forms."

Monte L., Stony Plain, Alberta

"I wanted to buy an investment property but didn't know where to start. I visited the Capital Direct web site and was immediately impressed with the level of customer service, and it was comforting to know that I could speak to someone in person. After an assessment, Capital Direct determined that I had more than enough equity in my home to purchase an investment property. I recommend Capital Direct Lending to my friends because of the great customer service I received."

Tanis W., Calgary, Alberta

"I wanted to pay off debt and have a comfortable amount of money in the bank. I was pleased with the information provided on the website and the mortgage consultant made me feel very comfortable. My home equity loan relieved pressure of monthly payments and provided a better quality of living. The service was wonderful and quick."

Remgio & Ethel B., Calgary, Alberta

"It was time for us to look at refinancing. Went through your website and we liked it. We received very positive attention. We liked our mortgage consultant, Cherie. We have mortgage payments that fit our budget. I would very much recommend Capital Direct by all means. You have done everything you need to. Maintain it."

Rob V., Calgary, Alberta

"After purchasing my new home I realized the amount of equity in my house that could be used. Finalized landscaping and other house matters involved when purchasing a new home. I had a very positive transaction and my mortgage consultant, Cherie Tucker, is very knowledgeable and I feel she was genuinely concerned about my financial wellbeing."

Colin & Rusty M., Red Deer, Alberta

"We were planning to add to our survey business. Cash flow is key to our ability to generate high income. This money was for our business. I would recommend Capital Direct for how well this was done. This all worked very well."

David G., Calgary, Alberta

"I first heard about Capital Direct in the local newspaper. I saw an ad in the Calgary Sun and the rate and amount of the loan were exactly what I was looking for. I needed to pay off personal debt, which included credit cards and taxes. Capital Direct provided a home equity loan which was exactly what I needed. The payments are low enough that I have no problem making the payments. And Dallas was great! If I ever need another loan, I know where to turn! Thank you."

Clinton & Cassidy K., Okotoks, Alberta

"Felt very good about our decision after meeting with Cherie. We are going to be stress free! Everyone was very friendly and very easy to work with. Nothing to improve. We are all around happy with your service."

Marc D., Calgary, Alberta

"I wanted to lower my interest payments. I enjoyed dealing with Cherie and I have a payment plan that I can afford. The service was great."

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Kellie R., Calgary, Alberta

"The service provided by Capital Direct was incredible. Our broker was able to find us a mortgage at a great rate. On top of that our broker was friendly and easy to talk to and made our home buying experience not only easy but helped us to understand. I would highly recommend this company to anyone."

Todd & Shelly P., Leduc, Alberta

"I was treated excellent from the start. I liked the mortgage consultant, she was bubbly, friendly and treated me with respect and went all out to help us. Now we have a mortgage payment that fits my budget plus we can take a long overdue vacation. Cherie Tucker has been wonderful and easy to deal with. I would highly recommend Capital Direct."

Gordon & Glenda L., Calgary, Alberta

"We couldn't have been happier with the professional service and personal attention that we received from Capital Direct. We have dealt with them on two occasions and, should the need arise again; they will be the first ones to get our business. A special thanks Carole and Laura for all you help. P.S. We have recommended your services to friends who need a qualified, experienced, friendly mortgage broker. "


Loan terms range from 12-24 months. For a representative example of a $150,000 equity loan, the total cost of the loan, including all applicable fees, would be $34,540.97, resulting in an APR of 10.92%.