Learn how to finance an investment property from the equity in your home. Watch now for smart tips from an industry expert!
Financial Advantages of Owning Your Own Business
Using Home Equity to Finance Your Business
Starting Your Own Bed & Breakfast
Financial Advantages of Owning Your Own Business.
Using Home Equity to Finance Your Business

Starting Your Own Bed & Breakfast

Having your own business is not only liberating, it is a giant step towards financial independence. Capital Direct is proud to present Robert Arthurs, a leading Certified Business Coach and entrepreneur. In this tele-seminar, we'll look at the advantages of owning your own business and how home equity financing can accelerate the growth of your business.

Speaker Bio
Over the last 19 years, Robert Arthurs (www.robertarthurs.com) has built five award-winning businesses from the ground up. Robert Arthurs has built five award-winning businesses from the ground up.One of these companies is True North Clothing, which won him two "Entrepreneur of the Year" nominations, and made the list of the 100 fastest growing companies in Canada. The press has dubbed Robert as the best Business Mechanic as a result of his work with ailing, but now thriving Canadian businesses.

As a Certified Business Coach, Robert assists entrepreneurs by giving them structures, plans, and road maps to help them minimize stress and maximize profits. Rob is a frequent speaker at business forums in the Vancouver area, and currently serves as Manager of Business Opportunities for the BC Olympic and Paralympics Winter Games Secretariat. Robert is also the co-author of Living an Extraordinary Life, a book that includes tips on how to set and meet goals, find and fulfill purposes in life, and integrate work into an extraordinary life strategy.

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