The 500 Guarantee - We guarantee that we'll give you the best rate available.
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I got a 90-percent home equity loan, which was exactly what I needed. The payments are low enough that I have no problem making the payments. If I ever need another loan, I know where to turn!
David G., Calgary, Alberta
If you find a lower rate on a similar mortgage through another mortgage broker or lender within the next 7 days, we will pay you $500.

When you take out an equity mortgage through Capital Direct Lending Corp. ('Capital Direct"), or use our qualified brokers to secure a mortgage with an institutional lender, we guarantee that You* will receive the lowest fixed rate available. If, you find a lower rate on a similar mortgage through a competing licensed mortgage broker or lender (a "competitor") within the next 7 days, we will pay you $500.

Program Rules

For Purchase Mortgages
If you qualify for a conventional mortgage through a bank, trust company or other approved licensed lender, our brokers will provide you the best possible fixed rate available, or we'll pay you $500.00.

To be eligible, apply through Capital Direct. If within 7 calendar days of your application through us, you deliver to Capital Direct a competitor's firm mortgage commitment at a lower fixed interest rate, with equivalent provisions***, then Capital Direct will either beat the offer or pay you $500.00 when you complete the competitor's mortgage.

If Capital Direct is unable to provide you with the lower fixed rate mortgage and you complete the mortgage financing with the competing lender on the quoted terms, Capital Direct will pay you $500. To be eligible for the $500 you must deliver to Capital Direct a copy of the registered mortgage document. The registered mortgage document must be accurate, and disclose that the loan closed on the terms and conditions, including the fixed rate as previously disclosed, in the mortgage commitment. This offer only applies to first priority mortgages within those geographical areas served by Capital Direct.

For Equity Mortgages
If you need an equity mortgage with Capital Direct, first call, speak with one of our qualified mortgage specialists, and get approved**. Second, know that you are getting the best-fixed equity mortgage rate available for your property. If, within 7 calendar days from the date the funds are advanced by us, you find a lower fixed rate mortgage with equivalent provisions, Capital Direct will pay you $500.00.

In order to be eligible, you must deliver to Capital Direct a competitor's mortgage commitment granting the same mortgage priority, with equivalent provisions***. The competitor's commitment must be dated and delivered to Capital Direct within 7 days of the date your mortgage was funded. If the stated mortgage rate is lower than your Capital Direct mortgage, with an APR**** not exceeding your Capital Direct mortgage, then we will pay you $500.00.


For the $500.00 Guarantee, Capital Direct reserves the right to verify that the competitor's offer is accurate. Capital Direct, in its sole discretion, will make all determinations of eligibility and qualification for payment of this guarantee. Capital Direct's liability under this guarantee will, in no event, exceed the sum of $500.00. It is your responsibility to ensure a competitor's offer, and for a conventional mortgage the registered mortgage document, is actually delivered to and received by Capital Direct. Capital Direct is not responsible for any failure in transmission, postal interruption, server or communication failure, technical malfunctions, or other delivery interruptions or failures beyond Capital Direct's control.

This guarantee is subject to revision or revocation by Capital Direct at any time without notice.

*   ("You" means all registered mortgagors, guarantors and/or covenantors on a single mortgage document registered though Capital Direct).
**   (Approval is in the sole discretion of Capital Direct Lending Corp. and may be subject to conditions or qualifications).
***   (Equivalent Provisions means a mortgage of the same priority, for the same property or properties, with the same borrowers, term, amortization period, loan amount and with the same or lower closing costs and A.P.R. (annual percentage rate).
****   APR is the average percentage rate based on the total cost of borrowing.