The $500 Guarantee - We guarantee that we'll give you the best rate available.
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I want to express my heart-felt appreciation for the opportunities that Capital Direct has opened up. When others said no, Capital Direct saw the value of my home and made it possible for me to finance my dreams. I tip my hat to Capital Direct.
Jun Paul, O., Vancouver, BC
If you happen to get a better offer, we'll beat it, offer it or give you $500.

Best Rate Guarantee

$500 Best Rate Guarantee - We'll give you the best rate on the market or give you $500

At Capital Direct we guarantee that you'll get the best rate on your mortgage from us. If you've done your research, you'll recognize immediately why we are confident in our rates. If you happen to get offered a better rate else where, we'll beat it, offer it or give you $500. It's that simple!

For Purchase Mortgages       For Equity Mortgages

How It Works

For Purchase Mortgages

  • Apply online or contact a Capital Direct mortgage specialist at 1-800-625-7747.
  • Lock-in the best mortgage loan rate.
  • If you get offered a lower rate within 7 days on mortgage with equivalent provisions from any mortgage broker or lender in Canada, let us know and we'll beat it, offer it or give you $500 when you complete the competitor's mortgage.

To qualify, deliver to Capital Direct a copy of the registered mortgage document. The documents must be accurate, and disclose that the loan closed on the terms and conditions, including the fixed rate as previously disclosed, in the mortgage commitment. We'll try to beat or offer the rate, but If Capital Direct is unable to provide you with the lower fixed rate mortgage and you complete the mortgage financing with the competing lender on the quoted terms, Capital Direct will pay you $500.

For Equity Mortgages

  • Contact a Capital Direct mortgage specialist at 1-800-625-7747 to apply and get approved**
  • Lock-in the best equity loan rate available for your property.
  • Your equity loan gets funded.
  • If within 7 days of funding, you find a lower fixed rate mortgage with equivalent provisions, let us know.

To qualify, deliver to Capital Direct a copy of the competitors mortgage commitment granting a lower rate on a mortgage with equivalent provisions. The competitor's commitment must be dated and delivered to Capital Direct within 7 days of the date your mortgage was funded. If the stated mortgage rate is lower than your Capital Direct mortgage, then we will pay you $500.00.

Capital Direct Lending Best Rate Guarantee Program Rules