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Global Contributions Start at Home

Make it your mission to go green and we'll help you take advantage of available federal grants through the ecoEnergy Program. We believe global contributions start at home and this is where Capital Direct comes in, with our eco friendly lending eye. For eco friendly lending, we've got you covered — give us a call and we'll help you get started via our partner's national network of assessors.

Eco-Friendly Renovation Tips

Upgrading your furnace to an ENERGY STAR model will optimize the fuel being used and increase your savings every time you heat your home.
Consider installing a heat recovery ventilator (HRV), which can recover 70 - 80% of the heat from exhaust air transferring it to the incoming air.
Replace your refrigerator with an ENERGY STAR model, which uses as much as 50% less energy than a standard model.
Water heating typically accounts for 20% of your total utility costs. Consider installing a more energy efficient system such as Instantaneous Gas or a Condensing Water Heater.
Installing a low flush toilet can save the average family approximately 110-liters of water a day.
Switch to the cold setting when doing laundry. 85 - 95% of the energy used to wash your clothes is used to heat the water.

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