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Over the years, Capital Direct Lending has helped thousands of Canadians just like you to realize their dreams. But don’t take our word for it.
Here is what just a few of our clients have to say about our award-winning service.

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Angie M.
Mississauga, Ontario
April 13, 2010

"Capital Direct Review Ontario April 2010"
I was looking for funds to start up a business. I like the mortgage consultant I was working with. Richard was able to help me get the cash flow to grow my business.
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Leslie & Melanie F.
Okotoks, Alberta
March 25, 2010

"Capital Direct Review Alberta March 2010"
We wanted to reduce high interest credit card debt and get our credit rating back on track. Cherie explained it in great detail, and we understood the process well. I would recommend Capital Direct to family and friends because of the staff and the speed at which our mortgage was processed.
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Robert O.
Coquitlam, British Columbia
March 23, 2010

"Capital Direct Review British Columbia March 2010"
After negative responses from some other lending companies I heard Capital Direct on the radio. After contacting John I was able to re-organize all my high interest debt into a more reasonable rate. I now have the ability to take charge of my financial future.
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Sandra L.
Calgary Alberta
March 9, 2010

"Capital Direct Review Alberta March 2010"
I wanted to consolidate my debts and have a monthly payment that fit my budget. The team was amazing and above and beyond. Truly a good experience from start to finish. I would recommend to others for sure.
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Tony M.
Cherhill, Alberta
March 5, 2010

"Capital Direct Review Alberta March 2010"
At first we thought we would lose our house. Our mortgage consultant was so helpful and explained everything clearly. We want to thank Cherie from the bottom of our hearts.
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Anna J.
Edmonton, Alberta
February 25, 2010

"Capital Direct Review Alberta February 2010"
I would recommend Capital Direct to anyone who is unable to qualify for traditional funding. I knew that there were other lenders out there eager for my business but I was looking for service and that is exactly what Cherie offered. She discussed my situation, put my mind at ease and offered my solutions I didn't know existed. Thanks!
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Gordon P.
North Vancouver, British Columbia
February 22, 2010

"Capital Direct Review British Columbia February 2010"
My brother recommended that I look at different 'lenders' and I really liked your presentation and applied online. I was very impressed with Sophia, her approach to helping me and explaining to me how I could repair my credit. Best service. Very impressed.
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Linda D. & Douglas B.
Lethbridge, Alberta
February 22, 2010

"Capital Direct Review Alberta February 2010"
We simply needed the money to fix up our condo. Our mortgage consultant was professional, and explain everything to us clearly. Thank you for every thing!
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Darrel & Eileen R.
New Sarepta, Alberta
February 12, 2010

"Capital Direct Review Alberta February 2010"
Our mortgage consultant was much more helpful and eager than the banks were. Cherie was very friendly and made us feel comfortable. We now have lowered our monthly cash output by consolidating our payments into one lump sum. Thank you very much.
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Edward P.
Smoky Lake, Alberta
February 8, 2010

"Capital Direct Review Alberta February 2010"
I had some questions on what was involved, but our mortgage consultant was very, very helpful. We're able to pay off some bills and with a payment that fits our budget. I would recommend you because we received such excellent service.
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Karen & Gary C.
Breslau, Ontario
February 5, 2010

"Capital Direct Review Ontario February 2010"
Capital Direct was the light at the end of our tunnel. We've now paid off our debt load. In the beginning we were unsure until Richard started explaining everything in detail. Thank you so much and it's nice to know that you are just a phone call away.
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Faye B.
Calgary, Alberta
February 3, 2010

"Capital Direct Review Alberta February 2010"
Cherie did a great job finding me the best rates! Overall it was a stress free, professional, and friendly experience. I am very impressed and will recommend Cherie, and Capital Direct to others.
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Violet L.
Vancouver, British Columbia
January 5, 2010

"Capital Direct Review British Columbia January 2010"
The pamphlet said, "Could you use $20,000, $30,000 or even $300,000?" The simple answer was, 'Yes'! I wanted a new beginning and to consolidate some debt. My mortgage consultant, Richard, couldn't have been more reassuring every step of the way. I know have a new start and a payment to fit my budget. Thanks so very much!
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Bruce & Yolande M.
Ottawa, Ontario
December 15, 2009

"Capital Direct Review Ontario December 2009"
Working with Capital Direct allowed us to consolidate high interest credit cards and do some home renovations. Richard was very attentive to our needs and is a true professional. He explained everything to us clearly and in detail. We were able to get a reasonable mortgage rate and now save a lot of money each month due to paying off the high interest rate credit cards. Great service. We are very satisfied and happy.
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Laurie K.
& Ian H.
Strathmore, Alberta
November 27, 2009

"Capital Direct Review Alberta November 2009"
We wanted to finish renovations to our home, pay property taxes and take care of credit cards. Cherie was very informed and helped us learn how our mortgage could fit our budget. We would recommend Capita Direct because of the knowledgeable and courteous service.
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William & Arlene B.
Calgary, Alberta
November 17, 2009

"Capital Direct Review Alberta November 2009"
We wanted additional funds to update the basement, reno the bathroom and new fixtures. We like the mortgage consultant and she explained what we needed to know. We would recommend you to anyone because of the service.
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Brian D. & Kathy P.
High River, Alberta
October 9, 2009

"Capital Direct Review Alberta October 2009"
We were looking for the money to finish off the house and Capital Direct was there for us. The mortgage consultant treated us in a courteous manner and made borrowing the money easy. We got the project finished on time. Thanks.
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Mark C.
Calgary, Alberta
September 6, 2009

"Capital Direct Review Alberta September 2009"
I was looking to get away from the big banks and found Cherie who actually listened and did what I was looking for. Cherie explained everything and it was easy to set up, no 'Big Bank crap', for lack of a better term. The whole experience was easy and well thought out. Made what I wanted to do possible.
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Michael & Eileen M.
Edmonton, Alberta
August 24, 2009

"Capital Direct Review Alberta August 2009"
We needed a third mortgage and Capital Direct was there for us. Our consultant was most helpful and looked at our needs, and what we needed was to free up cash flow. We would recommend Capital Direct because of the feedback, the returned phone calls, the speed at which the transaction was completed and the fact that we were treated with respect. Thank you Cherie!
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Deborah W.
Nestleton, Ontario
August 17, 2009

"Capital Direct Review Ontario August 2009"
I wanted some extra funds and cash for renovations to my home. The consultant was very pleasant and very comfortable to talk to. Everything was explained very well. I'm very pleased with Capital Direct, they took a lot of stress out of my life and I now have the extra cash to be able to do some things with.


Loan terms range from 12-24 months. For a representative example of a $150,000 equity loan, the total cost of the loan, including all applicable fees, would be $34,540.97, resulting in an APR of 10.92%.

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