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November 2017 - Issue 124 - LET'S WINTERIZE
It's time to get ready for winter, so let's be proactive and get started on household winter prepping tasks now! Here are a few tips to help you ensure your home and property are weather ready for the winter.
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October 2017 - Issue 123 - TIME TO GET SPOOKY
All Hallows' Eve is a time of year when both young and old can come together and have fun. Depending on your neighbourhood, your whole block may get involved in the festivities.
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September 2017 - Issue 122 - ORGANIZE YOUR HOME IN 1, 2, 3...
Dual Purpose. When you're buying any new furniture, choose pieces that can double as a place to store things like extra blankets and cushions.
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August 2017 - Issue 121 - GOOD GRILLING
In our July issue, we shared a quick tip to make you look like the master of the grill with a simple recipe for homemade BBQ sauce.
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July 2017 - Issue 120 - LOOK LIKE A PRO
Being prepared is the key to looking like a pro around the grill. Even if you've run out of your favourite brand of BBQ sauce, you probably have the base ingredients in your fridge to make a sauce that's perfect for any grilling.
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June 2017 - Issue 119 - TO GRILL OR NOT TO GRILL
The griller's domain is outdoors and the season in now! No matter what size of outdoor entertainment area you have, there are great solutions available for the grilling enthusiast. Here are some common types of BBQ that you'll be familiar with: gas, charcoal, and electric.
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May 2017 - Issue 118 - COMPOSTING REFRESHER
Each year as we head into the spring and summer, we like to get outside and start working in the garden. Here is a quick refresher on backyard composting.
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April 2017 - Issue 117 - SPRING IS HERE
Many of us have just made it through a long and irregular winter. Spring is the time of year when we start getting outside more often. This is also the time of year when we tackle spring-cleaning chores around the home and yard.
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March 2017 - Issue 116 - SIMPLE SUPERFOOD RECIPE
A recent article, 25 Greatist Superfoods and Why They're Super. is loaded with information that might just change the way you think about nutrition and your health. We encourage you to read it.
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February 2017 - Issue 115 - JOIN THE RESISTANCE!
Resistance bands, also known as fitness bands or exercise bands, come in a variety of sizes, tensions and colour. They are a great exercise tool for the home or office, and are very easy to use and store.
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January 2017 - Issue 114 - HAPPY 2017!
It's seems only natural that each new year brings with it a desire to change and optimism for better things to come! Here, we'll kick off the new year with some nuggets of information in two areas of life that almost all of us share - fitness & finance.
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December 2016 - Issue 113 - CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAYS
For many Canadians, celebrating the holidays at Christmas has been a family tradition for multiple generations. Families come together to reconnect and catch up, share great food and hopefully make some more great memories. Sometimes, though, this can also be a time when stress levels get elevated. Here are some tips to help you during the holidays. Read Issue 113